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  • Doggy™ Premium Dog Car Seat Cover - Black / Standard (152x143cm) / Tribe of Pets Warehouse - Tribe of Pets

    Doggy™ Premium Dog Car Seat Cover

    $ 95,00$ 129,00

    Want to take your dog in the car with you but would rather not see all that hair and dust all over the seats? Do you want to protect your seats from scratches, dirt, pee, and other possible damage? Protect the interior of your car with our Doggy BackSeat Car Cover. Made from 100% waterproof material,…

  • Bubble Water Fountain for Cats - Tribe of Pets

    Bubble Water Fountain for Cats

    $ 54,95

    Want to make sure your cat always has enough to drink even when you’re away? Introducing this elegant Bubble Water Fountain with a large capacity, made of durable materials. You can easily monitor the water level with the transparent container.  You can simply revolve the top half to open and close the container. It doesn’t need a…

  • Small Dog Carrier Sling Bag - Tribe of Pets

    Small Dog Carrier Sling Bag

    $ 49,95

    Do you love your cute little dog so much you want to show him the world? Want to keep your best friend close to your heart and protected? Then you definitely need to get your hands on this dog sling bag. You can use it when going out or traveling through various outdoor and indoor…

  • Sale! Automatic Pet Water Fountain for Cats and Dogs - 2.4L Stainless Steel Top with 1 filter / USB / Tribe of Pets Warehouse - Tribe of Pets

    Automatic Pet Water Fountain for Cats and Dogs

    $ 49,95

    As you may know, cats can be very picky when it comes to food and drink.  In the wild, they eat food that contains a good quantity of water, so they don’t need to drink so much.  However, domesticated cats eat food that contains much less water, so they need to drink more at home. In addition,…

  • Stylish Warm Dog Jacket - Tribe of Pets

    Stylish Warm Dog Jacket

    $ 49,95

    Everybody loves a warm jacket, even dogs! These jackets are cute, durable, and perfect for walking your dog around town in cold weather. They’re available in red or grey. You’ll love how adorable your dog looks in this jacket and will enjoy all of the compliments you get on your dog’s wardrobe and style! Notes: 

  • ComfortPlus™ Dog Harness - Reduced Pulling - Black / L - Tribe of Pets

    ComfortPlus™ Dog Harness – Reduced Pulling

    $ 49,95

    Using a harness instead of a collar makes it easier to control and manage your dogs, especially those with leash manners that aren’t quite perfect. A harness disperses pressure over a larger area of his body, reducing strain on his neck and back. Harnesses discourage pulling and avoid strangulation.  The ComfortPlus™ Harness is for you. With ComfortPlus™, you…

  • Fluffy™ Anxiety Reducing Pet Bed | Cat & Dog - Tribe of Pets

    Fluffy™ Anxiety Reducing Pet Bed | Cat & Dog

    $ 39,95

    Did you know that millions of cats and dogs suffer from anxiety? Our Fluffy™ cushion is the solution to allow your little loves to be able to sleep calmly and comfortably. Your protégé will find himself filled with happiness with the combination of sweetness and the feeling of security provided by the raised edge of…

  • PUPEE™ Premium Reusable Dog Pee Pad - Tribe of Pets

    PUPEE™ Premium Reusable Dog Pee Pad

    $ 34,95

    Keep your home poo & pee free while saving $1000s, not to mention time + effort. Are you still using regular disposable pee pads? Let’s face it, they leak everywhere, smell bad after one day, constantly need changing AND at the same time, they HARM the environment and cost you a lot of $$$ because…

  • CleanMe™ Pet Grooming Gloves - Tribe of Pets

    CleanMe™ Pet Grooming Gloves

    $ 34,95

    Wear your CleanMe™ Glove to help your doggie get cleaner and less shaggy. This multi-colored product comes with an adjustable design that provides better blood circulation for your pet pooch.  Use the Velcro® strap included with this CleanMe™ Glove to help you groom in a way that can snag nasty hair while keeping your hands protected from pet…

  • Digital PetFood™ Scale Cup - Tribe of Pets

    Digital PetFood™ Scale Cup

    $ 34,95

    Nowadays, more and more cats and dogs are overweight due to overeating, with a risk of having their health and well-being impacted. The solution? The PetFood™ scale cup. With its integrated digital scale and its clear LED display, you will now be able to measure precisely the right dosage of food you give to your pets for a more…

  • Dog Safety LED Collar - Tribe of Pets

    Dog Safety LED Collar

    $ 29,95

    You don’t want to risk losing your dog during a night walk without a leash? Do you want to make sure that other people can see him at night and especially that he doesn’t get hit by a car? Introducing our Dog Safety LED Collar that will make your dog visible in all circumstances. You can…

  • Dogo™ Slow Feeding Training Bowl - Tribe of Pets

    Dogo™ Slow Feeding Training Bowl

    $ 29,95

    Concerned about your pet’s eating habits? Tribe of Pets Dogo™ training bowl helps slow your dog down while eating for better digestion and self-control ability.  Package includes: 1 x Dogo™ bowl

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