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  • Cat Feeder Tray - Pink Tray / Tribe of Pets Warehouse - Tribe of Pets

    Cat Feeder Tray

    $ 34,95

    We all know how messy lunch and dinner time can get with cats in the house. Help avoid the mess with these beautifully designed non-slip pet bowls and keep feeding time simple and clean. The water is easily maintained through a funnel in the tray version, so your cat or dog can have fresh water all…

  • PUPEE™ Premium Reusable Dog Pee Pad - Tribe of Pets

    PUPEE™ Premium Reusable Dog Pee Pad

    $ 34,95

    Keep your home poo & pee free while saving $1000s, not to mention time + effort. Are you still using regular disposable pee pads? Let’s face it, they leak everywhere, smell bad after one day, constantly need changing AND at the same time, they HARM the environment and cost you a lot of $$$ because…

  • CleanMe™ Pet Grooming Gloves - Tribe of Pets

    CleanMe™ Pet Grooming Gloves

    $ 34,95

    Wear your CleanMe™ Glove to help your doggie get cleaner and less shaggy. This multi-colored product comes with an adjustable design that provides better blood circulation for your pet pooch.  Use the Velcro® strap included with this CleanMe™ Glove to help you groom in a way that can snag nasty hair while keeping your hands protected from pet…

  • Digital PetFood™ Scale Cup - Tribe of Pets

    Digital PetFood™ Scale Cup

    $ 34,95

    Nowadays, more and more cats and dogs are overweight due to overeating, with a risk of having their health and well-being impacted. The solution? The PetFood™ scale cup. With its integrated digital scale and its clear LED display, you will now be able to measure precisely the right dosage of food you give to your pets for a more…

  • TribePaw™ Necklace - Silver & Gold - Tribe of Pets

    TribePaw™ Necklace – Silver & Gold

    $ 29,95

    TribePaw™ Necklace is elegantly subversive and captures the spirit of pet owners and their love for cats and dogs. This necklace & pendant is both refined and stylish.

  • Dog Safety LED Collar - Tribe of Pets

    Dog Safety LED Collar

    $ 29,95

    You don’t want to risk losing your dog during a night walk without a leash? Do you want to make sure that other people can see him at night and especially that he doesn’t get hit by a car? Introducing our Dog Safety LED Collar that will make your dog visible in all circumstances. You can…

  • Dogo™ Slow Feeding Training Bowl - Tribe of Pets

    Dogo™ Slow Feeding Training Bowl

    $ 29,95

    Concerned about your pet’s eating habits? Tribe of Pets Dogo™ training bowl helps slow your dog down while eating for better digestion and self-control ability.  Package includes: 1 x Dogo™ bowl

  • All About Cat Training - Ebook - Tribe of Pets

    All About Cat Training – Ebook

    $ 27,00

    File Format: PDF Number of Pages:  67 Everything you need to know to train your cat is included in this special e-book: I leave absolutely nothing out! Everything that I learned in order to train my cat I share with you! For example, did you know that when starting to train a cat, a couple…

  • How To Housetrain Any Dog - Ebook - Tribe of Pets

    How To Housetrain Any Dog – Ebook

    $ 27,00

    – Number of pages:  33– Ebook format:        PDF Description Although dogs shouldn’t be attributed with having human characteristics, they are intelligent enough to be able to understand simple instructions and perform certain actions that their owners require of them – if these actions are asked in a way that dogs find rewarding. So,…

  • Rope Chew Toy - Tribe of Pets - Tribe of Pets

    Rope Chew Toy – Tribe of Pets

    $ 24,95

    Let them chew these beautiful colorful ropes! Perfect for releasing stress and enjoying life.

  • Floral Cat Necklace & Pendant - Red / Tribe of Pets Warehouse - Tribe of Pets

    Floral Cat Necklace & Pendant

    $ 24,95

    Tribe of Pets Floral Cat is elegantly subversive and captures the spirit of the women and their love for cats. This necklace is both refined and colorful, bringing joy of life. Estimated delivery: USA, Canada: 10-21 days UK, Europe: 18 days Australia: 13-18 days Rest of the world: 10-21 days

  • Portable Water Bottle for Dogs - Blue / Tribe of Pets Warehouse - Tribe of Pets

    Portable Water Bottle for Dogs

    $ 24,95

    Tribe of Pets knows that you love to keep your pet in great shape, just as hydrated as yourself. But the traditional water bottle or containers are quite inconvenient to use for fear of spilling. Introducing this innovative portable pet liquid bottle. Able to hold a large quantity of any liquid to please your dog or even…

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