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  • Rope Chew Toy - Tribe of Pets - Tribe of Pets

    Rope Chew Toy – Tribe of Pets

    $ 24,95

    Let them chew these beautiful colorful ropes! Perfect for releasing stress and enjoying life.

  • Teeth Grinding Catnip Toy - Tribe of Pets

    Teeth Grinding Catnip Toy

    $ 24,95

    This catnip toy is perfect for any playful kitty. It’s made of soft plush material and is great for clawing, kicking, and teeth grinding. It’s a great toy for energetic kittens or cats who enjoy a lot of independent play at home throughout the day.    

  • Tower of Babel Cat Toy - Tribe of Pets

    Tower of Babel Cat Toy

    $ 24,95

    Are your cats and kittens curious about everything? They will love playing with the Tower of Babel, enjoying moving balls around. A fun way to keep them busy! Size: 9.8*5.5*6.3″ (25x14x16cm)Material: plastic (propene polymer) Package includes:  1 x Tower of Babel toy

  • Crazy Dog Toys - Red Monster / United States - Tribe of Pets

    Crazy Dog Toys

    $ 24,95

    Let your dogs get crazy with these toys, they will be able to let off steam and keep busy for a long time! It’s also great to stimulate your dog’s vitality and give your pet a challenge to feed funnily. You can firmly attach the suction cup to the floor. The chewing ball helps clean…

  • Tribe of Friends - Soft Plush Dog Toy - Duck / Tribe of Pets - Tribe of Pets

    Tribe of Friends – Soft Plush Dog Toy

    $ 19,95

    We may feel a little lonely sometimes, and our pets are no different! Get them a cute animal companion they can play with and one they can even safely chew! The best durable teething friends for your dog or cat. A toy contributes to the good emotional health of your pets, which helps prevent them from biting your…

  • Chicken Family Dog Chew Toys - Tribe of Pets

    Chicken Family Dog Chew Toys

    $ 19,95

    Entertain your dog with the family chicken! Perfect for a small, medium, or large dog. Your pet will love to gnaw, toss or chew around the house one of the chicken family members or the chicken leg. That’s part of what makes this a fun toy.  This squeaky item is sure to get a smile…

  • Cat Carnival Balls Toy - Tribe of Pets

    Cat Carnival Balls Toy

    $ 19,95

    These carnival balls are perfect for any playful cat. It’s made of soft and resistant EVA material. The flashy red and blue colors will attract your cats to the toy and help them become comfortable enough with it to start playing quickly. It’s a great toy for energetic cats or kittens who enjoy a lot of independent…

  • Sale! Soft Fish Cat Toy - Tribe of Pets

    Soft Fish Cat Toy

    $ 14,95

    Your cat will go crazy with these fish and other toys. A great way to stimulate your kitty, so they don’t get bored at home. You can also use it as home decoration or a little creative cushion on your couch if your cat does not decide otherwise!  The perfect gift for cat lovers. Size: 7.87in (20cm)…

  • Cute Plush Dog Toys - Tribe of Pets

    Cute Plush Dog Toys

    $ 14,95

    Bring a new friend to your beloved dog. These stuffed animals are cute while being bite-resistant, so your dog can play with them.  Your dog will enjoy playing with these cute animals and don’t be surprised if he starts loving them! Size: 5.91×17.72″ (15x45cm) Estimated delivery: USA: 10-21 days  UK, Europe: 7-15 days Australia: 10-18 days Canada:…

  • SlowFood™ Extra Durable Dog Ball - Green / M - 6cm - Tribe of Pets

    SlowFood™ Extra Durable Dog Ball

    $ 14,95

    This toy is the perfect accessory for dogs who eat their food a little too eagerly! If you’ve got a four-legged friend who eats at lightning speed, you know slowing him/her down can be quite challenging. This pet toy seeks to solve that issue! You can fill the toy with your pet’s kibble, give it a shake, and…

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